Karen / Psychological / Suspense/Thriller

Winter Girl: a Novel by Matt Marinovich

index5GTNMTR5The Winter Girl might be a good novel for the Gone Girl fans, in as much as quickly on you dislike all of the characters and yet you are compelled to continue to read. (A confused emoji would fit in here quite well at this point.)

Let’s start with the setting:

An estate in the Hamptons.

And the main characters:

Victor – the abusive (in all the ways you can think of), rich family patriarch who owns the above estate but is in the hospital on the brink of death.

Elise – Victor’s long-suffering daughter, who has come to be with her father in this difficult time.

Scott – Elise’s husband, who is here because his wife is.

Carmelita – “The Winter Girl”, Victor’s mistress who lives in the vacant house next door but seems to have nothing but the clothes on her back.

And finally the plot summary:

Elise and Scott whine and complain about Victor and talk about how much they want him to die. It gets even worse when Victor’s health seems to be getting a bit better. And then even worse when they find out about Carmelita and why she is living in the house next door.

So what happens when three people want an old man to hurry up and die?

Pretty easy answer, right?

Maybe…but maybe not.




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