John / Suspense/Thriller

61 Hours by Lee Child

61HoursHeading down a South Dakota highway on a tour bus in a snow storm, Jack Reacher finds himself marooned in the town of Bolton when the bus crashes. Reacher jumps into action helping the elderly tour bus passengers and he, wouldn’t you know it, is soon helping out the local police in their predicament. An older woman on the outskirts of town is under witness protection, only the police aren’t quite sure who they need to be protecting her from. They think the threat might be coming from a biker gang that’s set up shop outside the Bolton city limits.

Reacher ends up being a huge help to the police, and he really guides them through a situation that they don’t seem equipped to handle. The book also features Plato, a short but incredibly dangerous Mexican drug king pin, and a mysterious bunker built around the time of the Korean War that nobody seems to know anything about.

From what I’d heard about Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series, I was expecting 61 Hours to be much like the original Point Break movie: 100% pure adrenaline. Instead I found myself listening to a novel that moved at a glacial pace. Nevertheless, it was still an enjoyable listen once I got used to it. But next time I hope to pick up a book more indicative of the real Jack Reacher.


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