John / Suspense/Thriller / Young Adult

The Fixes by Owen Matthews

fixes-large-imageEric Connelly has his summer planned out before him. (Or maybe his father does.) Done with high school, he has devoted his summer before college to getting ahead on his fall courses and suffering through a boring internship. And then Jordan Grant appears in his life. At first Eric just tutors Jordan to help him pass a class that stands between him and a diploma, but Eric is gay (even though he hasn’t told anyone) and soon finds himself attracted to Jordan, the dashing and rebellious son of a movie studio executive.

Despite this initial setup, Owen Matthews’ The Fixes is no romance. Eric, or “E” as Jordan starts to call him, soon gets involved, along with Jordan and two girls from their high school, in the Suicide Pack. This groups sets out to do “fixes” in which they expose hypocrites and rich twits in their tony town through various acts of shoplifting and vandalism. There’s a lot of anger among the four members of the Suicide Pack and while Eric is initially in the group to be near Jordan, he soon finds out some negative things about his politician father. These discoveries make him a more willing member of the group. Things soon take a turn. While the book is dark, things go pitch black when the Suicide Pack starts messing around with a pressure cooker bomb.

The Fixes features a self conscious narrator that gives the book a unique feel. But even if the story were told in a more straight forward manner, this would still be a page turner and a book with some excellent characters, particularly Jordan and Eric.

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