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Listful Thinking by Paula Rizzo


I listened to Listful Thinking (read by the author) and rolled my eyes more times than I can count. Vision boards, putting things “out into the universe,” and the repeated use of the “word” hubby are not what I was looking for when I picked up a book on productivity (I also do not want tips on how to strike up a conversation with someone in an elevator, I have no desire to try and talk to someone in an elevator). That being said, I did start to use some of Rizzo’s list making tips before finishing the first CD and she does have some great suggestion for list creating apps (Evernote, Wunderlist, I am a sporadic all over the place list maker by nature (I like the idea, but I’m not so great at the execution), so apps that will remind me, either via pop up or email, to actual look at my to dos are life savers. Since I feel like I did actual get something out of this book I would give it a soft recommendation. And maybe it’s better not on audio, where you can jump to the parts that will be most helpful for you.

You can find more information about list making at Rizzo’s website,



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