NaNoWriMo – Writing Prompts

Hit a writing block? Here are some prompts to get you started again:

At the end of 2016, you hear “thank you for playing the ‘Earth’ open beta. You will be returning to your respective galaxies shortly.”

Your name and cellphone number is very similar to a powerful political figure. One day, you find yourself mistakenly added to a WhatsApp group of equally powerful political figures.

You’ve always lived by the quote “If your future self hasn’t traveled back in time to stop you from making a decision, your choice shouldn’t be that bad.” During a pretty important life choice, you think you see someone who looks like you sprinting very fast in your direction.

It was two weeks before anyone noticed the moon had vanished.

Your best friend wants to talk about “it”. You have no idea what s/he is talking about. S/he says you don’t have to pretend you don’t know anymore.

What you thought was just a joke on the internet was taken seriously. You won the Presidential election because 40% of the votes wrote you in.

When you were a child, you saw your parents get killed by a delusional man who claimed he was a time traveler. You thought he was just crazy, but as years pass and you grow older your best friend starts to look eerily similar to your parents killer.

“What now?”  “I don’t know. I thought the jump would kill us.”

“So you’re like human? Like one hundred percent human? I’ve heard scary things about you guys.”

I am either going out for ice cream, or to commit a heinous crime. I’ll decide in the car.

“Dude, we are not asking the dragon for directions.”

During a game of hide and seek you hide in the toy chest in the basement. After what seems like forever and no one finds you, you decide to get out. You find the basement drastically altered and a layer of dust over everything.

I am not above slashing my own tires to avoid going to this family brunch.

“Please, just tell me I’m not a lost cause.”


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