John / Mystery / Suspense/Thriller

Last To Die by Tess Gerritsen

last-to-dieTess Gerritsen’s Last to Die finds Boston Police detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles helping three children who have been severely damaged by violent crime. The three children—Teddy Clock, Will Yablonski and Claire Ward—all end up at a special boarding school called Evensong, which Isles’ unofficial son Julian is also attending. It should be no surprise that Rizzoli also eventually ends up at Evensong. She drops Teddy Clock off there after a previous safe house the Boston P.D. tried to hide him at doesn’t prove to be very safe.

The plot has many twists and turns, but Gerritsen skillfully fits everything together. In addition, the team of Rizzoli and Isles is a refreshing spin on the tired buddy cop premise. They are opposites in many ways, but they ultimately manage to find common ground. Rizzoli also has an entertaining digression involving the rocky yet comical separation of her parents. I listened to Last to Die and enjoyed the performance of Tanya Eby, the book’s reader. I do wish audiobook producers would bring in extra readers for some of the dialogue. Even the most talented readers struggle to voice different genders and children, but I’m sure the decision to go with one reader is due to the high cost of creating audiobooks.



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