Award Winning / Lisa / Science Fiction

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch


Jason Dessen is a scientist/community college professor who once seemed to be on the path to setting the world of research on fire, but decided to take a less decorated path and allow himself to spend time with his family and be part of his son growing up. One night, after celebrating a friend’s scientific achievement in a local bar, Jason is accosted on his way home, driven to a remote parking garage and injected with an unknown substance. When he wakes up he’s in an underground science lab, where everyone seems to know him and are waiting with baited breath to hear about what happened to him. But he doesn’t know who any of them are. They all believe he is an award wining scientist who has just made a major breakthrough and he’s becoming more and more sure that he has some sort of brain tumor. He lives at the same address, but when he arrives his home is much nicer than the one he left and there are no signs of Daniela and Charlie (his wife and son) anywhere. After confirming that he does not have a brain tumor (which doesn’t really make him feel better) he goes off in search of Daniela to try and figure out what is happening to him and if he can get back to the life he was living. Unfortunately the science that he (or some version of Jason Dessen) was working on is important and dangerous and those from the lab aren’t about to just let him walk off into the night.

Dark Matter is an exciting (and action filled) look at the multi verse and what makes a person and their life.


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