Gentle Reads / Karen

Rise & Shine, Benedict Stone by Phaedra Patrick

Charming is the best way to describe this sweet story. The title character is a jeweler that owns a small shop in a small town in England. Things are not going well for Benedict Stone. His wife has left him, saying she needs some time and space. His parents are long dead, and the brother he raised has gone to America and has not spoken to Benedict in years. He has his work of course, and the home he was raised in. But he is sad and lonely. The future does not look good for Benedict Stone.

But changes are coming, and the first is the arrival of his teenage niece. Benedict did not even know he had a niece! And now here is this young girl who clearly needs some guidance. And clearly has secrets.

And Benedict too has secrets.

You will enjoy seeing what happens to these two needy people. You will also learn about gemstones!



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