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The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

It’s always interesting in seeing a young person evolve from child to adult and Anne Frank is no different. Her world was very different from that of a normal 13 year old, but her process of maturation was not. She talked too much, often disliked her mother, thought everyone believed her older sister was perfect, and found her father the only one who remotely understood her. Sound familiar!?

That was what I loved about this book. I met a girl who was living in extraordinary circumstances but often responded in a normal way.

I learned about the restrictions the Dutch Jews were experiencing before the Franks went into hiding and what their life was like after they moved to the secret annex. While Anne sometime complained about some of their situation, it was no more than would have been delivered with a natural, heavy teenage sigh. She reported rather than whined. Kitty, the name by which she addressed her diary, was her best friend and keeper of her secret hopes, fears, and dreams.

I listened to The Diary of a Young Girl this time around and found myself bonding to this child-woman with strong emotion. I definitely recommend the audio as an enhanced way of getting to know Anne. She was a remarkable person – hopeful, talented, generous of spirit, and a precious human being.

It’s easy to group the 6+ million Jews lost to the Holocaust as an entity, but here we meet a single young girl whose loss to us was very personal and real.


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