Karen / Psychological / Suspense/Thriller

You’ll Never Know Dear: A Novel of Suspense by Hallie Ephron

On one warm afternoon, sisters Lissie and Janey are outside playing with their special porcelain dolls. Their mother has made these dolls just for them, just like she has done for many little girls over the years. Lissie and Janey love playing with their special dolls, but sometimes Lissie gets a little bored. Sometimes she gets tired of always watching her four-year-old sister. Sometimes she wants to do other things. For example, sometimes she wishes she had a dog to play with.

 So when, on this warm afternoon, when Lissie and Janey are playing with their special porcelain dolls and a puppy runs by, Lissie cannot help herself. She must try to catch the puppy to play with it. Lissie goes running off, but cannot find the puppy anywhere. Nor, when she gets back, can she find Janey. Or her special porcelain doll.

 No one can find Janey.

 Forty years later, Lissie still feels the guilt of having left her sister alone. And Janey’s mother, like she has done every year since Janey’s disappearance, puts an ad in the paper offering a reward to anyone who knows anything about Janey’s disappearance. No one has responded for thirty-nine years.

 But this year, someone does.

 Sometimes, you need a novel with lots of twists and turns.  You’ll Never Know, Dear will satisfy that need.




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