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Mister Hockey by Lia Riley

mister hockey

When Mister Hockey AKA Jeb West ends up filling in for a last minute children’s program at the library, librarian Breezy Angel doesn’t quite know what to do. Initially she is flustered because besides being gorgeous, he is the captain for the Denver Hellions – Breezy’s favorite hockey team. Things only get worse for Breezy when her too tight super hero costume she is wearing rips and gallant Jeb West offers his coat to cover up.

After Breezy’s quick exit, Jeb drives to Breezy’s place to retrieve his coat and to see the curvaceous librarian one more time. But before Breezy can let him into her home she frantically tucks away all of her Jeb West memorabilia to hide the fact that she and the women in her family are HUGE hockey fans. As the Jeb and Breezy start to see more of each other and she wonders how long she can hide her hockey secret. Now, Breezy has to prove that she has actual feelings for Jeb the man, not the idea of Jeb the hockey superstar.

With hockey season right around the corner, Mister Hockey a perfect read to cozy up with this fall during an intermission. Breezy is a relatable heroine, with insecurities, flaws and the nerves that come from meeting your sports hero. Both of the characters have an irrefutable chemistry and the two characters grow together throughout the book. Since this is a romance, it follows the typical romance tropes – you know who the two love interests are going to be and it is only a matter of time before they get together. However, this book takes great time and fun in the process of getting these two characters together.

And if you are looking for more hockey romances in our collection check out Until It Fades by K.A. Tucker or Irresistibly You by Kate Meader.


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