Fiction / Leah / Romance

All I Want for Halloween by Marie Harte

35057012When All I Want for Halloween opens Sadie is dressed up as a warrior princess and being forced to go to a Halloween party by her brother. While at the party, she is determined that she is not going to have a good time. However, the handsome man dressed as the Devil has other plans for her. After the party, she learns that her Devil was actually Gear Blackstone, a fallen reality TV star and motorcycle mechanic from the show Motorcycle Madnezzz. Sadie tries to keep her emotional distance, but soon the two are falling for each other in a way they never expected.

At first, I was prepared to not like this book, mainly because I don’t care for Halloween and I thought the premise of the fallen reality TV show had the possibility to come off as silly. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Gear and Sadie have amazing chemistry in the books and I really enjoyed seeing their personalities and relationship develop together. At first, I wasn’t sure if Sadie would be likeable, but soon I found myself cheering for her and enjoying her cantankerous ways. Also, Sadie and her siblings work together in a catering/bakery that they own, making this the perfect book to curl up with while drinking a glass of cider and eating a pumpkin cookie. All I Want for Halloween is a flirty read, with a fun Halloween theme.



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