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‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

1salemslotbookcover‘Salem’s Lot is like any small town, everyone knows everyone’s business and you don’t have to lock your doors when you leave your house. However, an evil had rolled into ‘Salem’s Lot, but only a few are able to truly see it (HINT it’s vampires). Soon, people in the town start mysteriously dying and falling ill, which is somehow tied to the creepy old house standing on the top of a hill. This is the tale of a smart, young boy and a man who fled the town of Jerusalem’s Lot in Maine but are forced to go back many years later to finish what they have started.

At first, I was ready to hate this ‘Salem’s Lot, I don’t like scary books as a rule because I am gullible and fall into the worlds of spooky too easily. But I did not mind the vampires as much as I had anticipated. The start of the book is slow, but wonderfully written. King clearly wants you to get to know the town and all the people in it so you have a connection to them when they are eventually offed. As always, King does a great job building up anticipation throughout the book and creating a deliciously evil breed of vampire.

When talking with my book club about ‘Salem’s Lot, there were some of the logistics of the vampire that did not always seem consistent or at least that we could not follow. Even with that, we had a good discussion about the book, other Stephen King novels and various paranormal novels we have read. For this time of year, I think it is a fun scary read, that you might want to read with the lights on.


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