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Mis(h)adra by Iasmin Omar Ata

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The title, Mis(h)adra, is an Arabic play on words – “misadra” means “seizure” and “mish adra” is slang for “I cannot”. This play on words perfectly sets up this graphic novel about a young man named Isaac and his struggle with epilepsy. While reading the book, the reader visually experiences Isaac, his life at university, struggle to realize himself and his battle with epilepsy. Additionally, Mis(h)adra highlights how epilepsy effects Isaac’s daily life, job, school work and friendships. Throughout the comic we witness Isaac’s struggle with hospitals and doctors who fail to believe his experiences. Mis(h)adra is a beautifully drawn comic about Isaac’s journey to the edge and back.

Mis(h)adra is drawn in a manga like style and would be a great way to transition from manga in to graphic novels. Although, readers who have little background in graphic novels still enjoy Mis(h)adra and it’s compelling story line. The story is beautifully told, with both words and illustrations working together to paint a full picture of Isaac and his struggle with epilepsy.




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