Karen / Psychological / Suspense/Thriller

Best Day Ever: A Psychological Thriller by Kaira Rouda

No exaggeration on this title – Best Day Ever is definitely a psychological thriller of the nth degree.

Paul Strom just wants to give his wife Mia the best day ever. So he has planned the perfect romantic weekend at their lake house. The lake house that is so much nicer than his neighbors. Even nicer than the people who used to look down at his family when he was growing up. But now he can buy the most expensive house on the block. Of course, it’s a shame that he had to use the money from the insurance after his parent’s death. So unexpected. But, they would want him to have the best, right?

It would be good this weekend to try and get Mia to give up this silly notion that she should return to work. Just because she “happened” to run into his old boss and he told Mia he would love to have her back. He’s just jealous because Paul got his job. But that’s not Paul’s fault, right?

Mia seems to be preoccupied lately. But his plans for the best day ever should put all her worries to rest. Paul will find a way to fix their finances. Surely he will. Right?

Why is Mia ruining his plans for the best day ever? This is not acceptable.

Paul does not do well when his plans for the best day ever are not working out.

The best day ever is about to turn into something completely different.



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