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Pantheon: The True Story of the Egyptian Deities by Hamish Steele

31945068Pantheon: The True Story of the Egyptian Deities is the hilarious and irreverent retelling of the Egyptian myth of Horus, son of Iris who vows to revenge his father’s murder. Steele has based his retelling on various versions of the Osiris myth and retold it in humorous, colorful detail.

While this comic may appear crude at first glance (I mean just look at the cover), I found it to be hilarious and charming. Many myths are complicated, dramatic and down right silly, even when told with the most serious tone. Steele has stripped away any pretense of seriousness and played up some of the most ridiculous and incredible parts of this myth. However, this comic might not be for you if you don’t find the following funny: flying hippos, decapitation, incest, flying cows, resurrections, and more. In Steele’s racy retelling nothing is safe from ridicule and that is part of what made it so appealing to me.

Steele’s illustration style was bold and gave a nod to Egyptian hieroglyphics (and even teased that). Pantheon is filled with vibrant colors and distinctive looking characters. Steele even provided a family tree at the start of the book, which was very helpful in keeping everyone straight with all the various deities popping in and out.

I would suggest this book to anyone who likes mythology (but doesn’t take it too seriously), or anyone who simply wants a good laugh.

– Leah


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