Fiction / Horror / Karen

The Handyman by Bentley Little

To anyone that follows this blog, you know that Bentley Little is my absolute favorite horror author. And once again, he does not disappoint. The Handyman is simply (?) a story about neighbors. And what we know about them and what we observe and our gut feelings. What do experts say about intuition and gut feelings? Listen to your body! But do we? Noooo… And neither does the main character in this story, Daniel Miller, a typical 80s kid growing up in California. He has a bad feeling about his parent’s handyman and contractor neighbor, Frank. Bad things happen when Frank is around. Very bad things. Daniel’s family eventually does get away, but not without repercussions.

Now Daniel is an adult and a successful real estate agent. One day, he is showing a fixer-upper to a nice young couple. The fact that it is a bit of a wreck does not seem to bother them, because they already know a handyman and contractor.

Guess who???

Now really, really bad things start happening.


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