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A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole

y450-293When I first saw the A Princess in Theory cover, I knew this book was going to be good, because this cover is STUNNING. The author, Alyssa Cole, collaborated with designer Nicole on the amazing dress on the cover. I also knew after seeing this cover, that it would be hard to wait for this book to come out (due out 2/27/18). Luckily, I was able to get an early copy of A Princess in Theory and have been patiently waiting to tell the world about it for sometime. I think book will probably go down as my favorite romance of 2018, even if we are only a few weeks into 2018!

Okay, enough gushing, summary time: Between grad school and working multiple jobs Naledi Smith does not have time for silly spam emails telling her that she is betrothed to an African prince. Being a foster kid, Ledi learned all she could rely on was herself and her hard work studying contagious diseases. Across the world in Africa, Prince Thabiso of the nation of Thesolo is ever the dutiful son and prince. As his parents push him to get married he tries to track down his betrothed, who fled to America with her family when they were both very young. However, once he finds Ledi, she mistakes him for a fellow food service worker. The two start to flirt (although Ledi does not know who Thabiso truly is) which leads to some passionate nights. Can their budding relationship survive Prince Thabiso’s big secret?

The best part of A Princess in Theory was the characters. Ledi is SO smart, driven, and confident which I really enjoyed. Prince Thabiso was very sexy but also respectful, patient and I simply loved him (even if he did lie about who he was at first). There was no pushing in their relationship so it evolved sweetly and effortlessly. Additionally, tension and rapport between the two characters was flirty and engaging.

Alyssa Cole is a well known author and prolific writer, but A Princess in Theory was my first book of hers. Now that I have been introduced to her I cannot wait for more. I also cannot wait for the next book in this series A Duke By Default!




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