Karen / Suspense/Thriller / Women's Fiction

The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn

womanThis novel is getting a lot of hype and is very popular so I am going to try real hard not to spoil anything.

The Woman in the Window is now part of the thriller genre of:

Woman sees/hears/overhears/feels/smells something

Woman goes to her boss/the police/the F.B.I./her significant other but no one believes her

Woman decides to handle things herself

Woman should not have done that

This particular story is very Hitchcockian and centers around child psychologist Anna Fox, who is suffering from severe agoraphobia. And just like in Rear Window, she watches the world go by sitting and looking out the window while consuming pills and alcohol. Lots of pills and alcohol. But sometimes (again, Rear Window and countless other movies) a person may look back.

And now you know why woman should not have done that.

You need patience to read this book. A lot of patience. But considering it is a debut novel and I did not see the ending coming, it was worth my time.





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