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Almost French by Sarah Turnbull

Almost French“Almost French” is a wonderful travelogue that chronicles the (mis)adventures of author, Sarah Turnbull, as she attempts to adjust to a move from her home in Australia, to a new life abroad in France.  While this book is light and warmhearted, with plenty of laughs and smiles along the way, Turnbull also makes some very astute observances about the differences in culture between her two homes.  From the hazards of learning to hold a conversation with her new group of friends, to developing an appreciation for the French sense of art and fashion, Turnbull lovingly relates the challenges of interacting in a new environment and the benefits of learning to live life with an open heart.  For those who have read “The Culture Map” by Erin Meyer, “Almost French” is a must, and if you have already read “Almost French”, try picking up “The Culture Map”!

This was a fun and easy read, and the audio version is just as good as the book.  I’m now onto Turnbull’s second book, so that ought to tell you a lot about this one!  While not my top travel read, “Almost French” gets a definite thumbs up!

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