Fiction / Karen / Psychological / Suspense/Thriller

Best Friends Forever by Margot Hunt

I feel like all of the blogs that I have written this year are exactly alike! This new genre of wife/mother/girlfriend being terrorized by husband/child/neighbor/co-worker is starting to get a little old.

 But…Best Friends Forever is different.

 Just looking at the title gives you the first clue – this one is about the best friend. In this case Alice, the overworked, under-appreciated wife/mother meets glamorous Kat, the super-rich, bored socialite and the two become fast friends. For Alice, Kat’s world is so perfect, with a mansion and hired help and fancy cars and elaborate vacations. Alice’s world consists of overdue bills, play groups and a husband that’s not connecting with her. She cannot believe how lucky she is to have found a friend like Kat.

 The innuendos and rumors she keeps hearing about Kat must be lies, or at the very least, a terrible exaggeration.

 So what does Kat get out of this relationship? On the outside looking in, it appears that Kat just wants to help poor Alice. When the bills get too high, well; Kat is more than happy to lend her the money. Not only that, she will give her the money to pay off everything that is wrong in Alice’s life, plus some cushion. And Kat is only doing this to help her very best friend.

 OK, well, maybe she does want something from Alice. But what?

 Now the novel gets interesting. Keep going…it will be worth it.




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