Karen / Psychological / Suspense/Thriller

The Sandman by Lars Kepler

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has nothing on Lars Kepler’s The Sandman. This has to be the darkest book I have ever read. The first few pages are a mixture of Silence of the Lambs and In Cold Blood. And it never stops!

Chapter One begins with a young man stumbling around a railroad bridge. This young man, Mikael, has been missing for 13 years, along with his sister Felicia. They were presumed drowned, but their father never gave up. When interviewed by police, Mikael tells them that he and Felicia have been held captive in a small, dark room and have never seen their captor.

Detective Jools Linna is pretty sure he knows who did this. But Jurek Walter (the most horrible killer ever!) has been incarcerated for years now after he is caught doing something really, really bad. (Check out page 8) And where is Felicia? Mikael is of very little help. He can barely remember escaping.

Woven in-between short little chapters are flashbacks to Jurek’s life, a sadistic doctor who is now responsible for Jurek but would rather drug his other patients so that he can do what he wants with them, and an undercover agent who thinks she murdered her own mother. Yes, that’s right – murdered her own mother!

Add in a bleak Swedish countryside with an ice-cold landscape, and you have quite the page turner here.

I couldn’t put it down.




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