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The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

10032672“The Language of Flowers” is about Victoria Jones, an 18 year old young woman fresh out of the foster system taking on the world by herself with no connections to anyone and nowhere to go.   Victoria Jones has lived her whole life in the foster system and has had nothing but pain and despair in her life.  She has had a difficult time connecting with people and has led a very lonesome life, but has developed a passion for flowers and their different meanings. As she begins her life as a newly emancipated adult, she realizes she has a talent for bringing people together with these flowers. Victoria uses her knowledge of flowers to propel her life forward and meets a mysterious person who shares the same interests in flowers as she does. Can Victoria learn how to incorporate love into her life and decide to let her past life go?

About the Discussion:

The Language of Flowers” was BookLite’s August book choice. I was at first unsure of choosing this book as our August choice due to the fact I thought the book would be all about flowers but surprisingly it was not. The book was well written and the author did a beautiful job of telling the character’s life both past and present. When discussing the book, several people found the book hard to read due to some of the choices made by the character. Despite that, all thirteen members of the book group liked the book.


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