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The Sculptor by Scott McCloud

The SculptorI don’t usually read a lot of graphic novels, but this book caught my eye the other day and I suppose it’s no coincidence that it did!

The Sculptor” by Scott McCloud is the emotion-filled story of one artist’s quest to find success, embrace a new love, and cope with the trials of grief and loss, all within the span of just 200 days; a result of the deal he’s made with death.

This book is simply filled with emotions and the illustrations serve as a beautiful compliment to the story being told.  I don’t think this book would elicit nearly the response it does if it had been told in any format other than graphic novel.  As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes there just aren’t words to describe the emotions a person feels.

“The Sculptor” is an excellent introduction to graphic novels for anyone who’s never picked one up before.  The story and illustrations are pleasantly simple, yet complex enough to get you thinking and turning back a few pages to relive the emotions.  Although appropriate for any mature audience, I think readers in their 20’s and 30’s will most appreciate and relate to this book.  Just make sure you read all the way through the acknowledgements at the end.  They almost appear as an afterthought, but really help to put the book in perspective and earn the reader a whole new appreciation for everything they’ve just read.

This is one of those novels I think I’ll be going back to, simply because I think there’s so much to absorb and so much I may have missed.  Whether you’ve never tried a graphic novel before, or are already a fan, I’d recommend giving this book a try!  (Plus I found out one of my favorite voice actors served as the model for one of the characters! Who knew?!  Sometimes these things are meant to happen!)

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