Fiction / Karen / Young Adult

The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau

Remember reading The Hunger Games and its sequels? Did you wish there was a true (and I mean true) read-alike? Well, look no further. This gem, The Testing, is also in our Teen Department and is also a trilogy.

 It is sometime in the future, and there has been a catastrophic event that the people call “The Seven Stages War” (World War 3?) Everyone is trying to survive and working to replenish the earth in The Five Lake Colonies. And it’s the special ones that will achieve this.

 Being able to go to University is what everyone strives for when they have finished school. The United Commonwealth chooses only the best and brightest to attend. The United Commonwealth is very picky about who gets chosen. Very, very picky.

 Sixteen-year-old Malencia Vale (or Cia to family and friends) is honored that she has been selected and being one of the youngest ever chosen. Her father went to University and is a well-respected agriculturist. He has been passing on his knowledge of plants to his daughter hoping this will give her a slight edge in “The Testing” if she is selected. And now she has been. Before she leaves, he tells her “Be careful who you trust, Cia. You do that and everything will be okay.”

Cia quickly learns why she was told that. And she quickly realizes that she may not be okay. Now she knows why no one ever speaks about “The Testing” process. Or process of elimination.




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