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The Republic of Pirates by Colin Woodard

Republic of Pirates“The Republic of Pirates” is easily one of the best researched and most well written nonfiction books I have read in a long time!

Written by Colin Woodard, “The Republic of Pirates” is the true story of the pirates of the Caribbean, their rise to glory during the “Golden Age of Piracy,” and ultimately, their downfall.  Woodard is thorough throughout the book and makes it a point to let readers know that any accounts of events, descriptions of people, or dialogues are taken directly from contemporary sources and nothing has been added or left to conjecture.  Despite this, the book flows easily and keeps your attention from the very start.  As it turns out, pirates, in and of themselves, are pretty darn interesting!

Fans of the swashbuckling movies and history buffs alike will revel in this well researched tale.  The book follows the lives of such notable pirates as “Black Sam” Bellamy, Henry Avery, and Edward “Blackbeard” Thatch, and gives readers an inside look at the lives and motivations of some history’s most notorious pirates.  If there were anything extra I would add to the book, it would be a little more perspective from the viewpoint of the pirate’s captives, but apart from that, there really isn’t much I can say against this book!

If you’ve ever fantasized about a life at sea, or if you’ve ever taken an interest in the adventures underneath the black flag, then this book’s for you!  I learned a lot from this book, and had a good time along the way, and there really isn’t much more you can ask from a nonfiction book!  I’m already lining up my list of other pirates books so I can start to read even more!

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