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Cloche and Dagger by Jenn McKinlay

In Cloche and Dagger, by Jenn McKinlay, Scarlett Elizabeth Parker’s life falls apart when she finds out her cad of a boyfriend is secretly married. When an embarrassing video of her confronting him goes viral, her cousin Vivian Tremont invites her to visit London to help her run Mims’s Whims, a hat shop that theCloche and daggerir grandmother left to them.

When she arrives in London, she finds out that her cousin Vivian is missing and seems to have disappeared into thin air. Left with just an apprentice and the handsome but infuriating business manager Harrison to run the hat shop, Scarlett does not think anything else can go wrong; until a murder is committed. The victim is found wearing nothing but one of the Mims’s Whims hats.

Cloche and Dagger is the first book in a fairly new cozy mystery series. The rest of the books in the series are as follows: Death of a Mad Hatter, At the Drop of a Hat, Copy Cap Murder, and Assault and Beret.

About the Discussion:

This book was a perfect cozy mystery pick for October’s BookLite discussion. Thirteen people attended BookLite with 11 people liking the book and two people disliking it. Some comments from people who liked the book said it was an easy and relaxing read. The characters kept the readers interest and one member of the book group even read the rest of the series!

Two members of the group thought the book was too cute and the genre was just not their type. In all, we had a very good discussion about the book. Stay tuned for November’s BookLite read!


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