Fiction / John / Psychological / Suspense/Thriller

Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

Single mother Louise finds herself in a very uncomfortable situation in Sarah Pinborough’s novel Behind Her Eyes. She meets and kisses a man named David at a bar only to find out that he is a newly hired psychiatrist at the medical practice where she works as a secretary. She is able to stay at her job, although things do get awkward between the two of them, but not awkward enough as Louise turns their meeting at the bar into a full-fledged affair. Not long after, she literally runs into a lonely woman on the street named Adele who she eventually realizes is David’s wife. Despite the mess she is in, Adele does not want to give up the intimacy with David or the friendship she quickly develops with Adele.

The point of view in Behind Her Eyes shifts between Louise and Adele in first person in the present and third person flashbacks to when Adele was younger and she was staying at a mental health facility after surviving a fire that killed her parents. The fire also caused David to get a few burns when he saved her from it. Adele also meets Rob at the facility. She was close to him at the time but he has disappeared from David and Adele’s current lives, perhaps because of David.

Along with the aforementioned plot points, the novel has a supernatural element that involves dreams. Behind Her Eyes is a fascinating mix of psychology, mystery, and out of body experiences that kept me guessing right up to the end. In particular, the supernatural element separates the books from the many other female-centered mysteries and thrillers that have come out in the wake of Gone Girl.

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