Fiction / Karen / Mystery

You Don’t Own Me by Mary Higgins Clark & Alafair Burke

 You Don’t Own Me is the fifth entry in the Under Suspicion series in which the main character, television producer Laurie Moran, and her team create programs where they go back and try to solve cold murder cases. Titles in this series can be read as standalones, as the authors do a good job in providing background information of all the key characters.

In this entry, Laurie is approached by the parents of a murdered doctor to bring attention to their son’s unsolved case. They are convinced that his wife did it, although she has never been charged. As Laurie begins digging through all the layers, she is at first thinking the parents may be right. It is clear that the wife is hiding something. But what? And of course as it is in most murders, there are many suspects. And as it is in most murders, someone does not appreciate Laurie snooping around.

These novels are quite tame when compared to a lot of fiction today. The murder is always “off camera” and there is little to no sex and the violence is not graphic. This series is a great read for those who are turned off by the current trends in fiction but want a decent whodunit.



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