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Before the Fall by Noah Hawley

  before the fallOn a heavy foggy night, eleven people board a private plane headed back to New York. On the plane are a pilot, a co-pilot, and a flight attendant. The plane is chartered by David Bateman, a multimillionaire media mogul and his wife Maggie, a former preschool teacher. Along for the ride are their children Rachel who is nine years old and JJ who is four years old. Gil is onboard as well, he is the Bateman’s domestic security; always their shadow. Ben and Sarah Kipling are also a part of the passengers; they are a wealthy couple. Ben is a partner at a big Wall Street firm. The last passenger is running late. He is a down on his luck painter named Scott Burroughs that was invited to join them by Maggie Bateman after meeting at a market.

 Just mere minutes into their flight, their plane goes down and crashes into the sea. A disoriented Scott emerges from the waves and manages to locate JJ who has a dislocated arm. Scott swims through shark infested waters until he reaches land. They are the only two remaining passengers, the rest have perished.  After the crash a media frenzy begins with the public wanting answers. What caused the plane to go down? Could it be terrorists, Scott himself, or something far more sinister? Part thriller, part mystery, Noah Hawley does not disappoint.

About the Discussion:

Thirteen people attended January’s BookLite. Nine people enjoyed reading “Before the Fall”, two people did not enjoy it, and we had two neutrals.  Some comments were that the novel had an interesting storyline, it was well written, but the majority of the group were not happy with the ending.

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