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The Time in Between by Maria Duenas

The time in betweenThe Time in Between” is a story about Sira Quiroga. Sira is an apprentice at a dress shop where her mother works as a seamstress. Growing up she learns everything there is to know about creating beautiful garments. She becomes engaged to Ignacio Montes, a man that adores her. Sira leads a simple, but comfortable life until a trip to purchase a typewriter changes the course of her destiny.

Drawn to the charismatic Ramiro Arribas whom she meets at the typewriter shop, Sira leaves everything behind to run off with him to Morocco. After Sira is left heartbroken and penniless, she turns to the only skill that can rescue her, creating couture for the wives of wealthy German Nazis. Danger soon surrounds her when she is swept up in a political conspiracy as Sira uses her clothing to pass off information to the British Secret Services.

About the discussion:

Thirteen people attended February’s BookLite Discussion. Eight people enjoyed the book while five people had a neutral opinion on it. Some comments were that the narrative was too long and wordy, but most enjoyed the historical aspect of the book. Since this was a big book, (609 pages to be exact) not everyone was able to finish reading it.

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