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Beach Town by Mary Kay Andrews

Beach-Town-CoverGreer Hennessy is a movie location scout and is looking for a sleepy small town for a movie. A town filled with palm trees, shrimp boats, and a casino for the explosive bang at the end of the film. She finds all of this in Cypress Key, a picturesque town perfect for the movie. Eben Thibadeaux is the town’s mayor who is completely against the plan to blow up the town’s casino, but instead wants to restore it and the bay it stands on. The town has been burned before by a paper company and Eb will do everything to prevent that from happening again. Tempers clash and attraction is sparked, but Greer has no plans of letting Eb stand in her way since her last project went up in flames.

As Greer spends more time in Cypress Key and around Eb, she starts to care about him and what happens to the little town. Tension mounts when the ambitious director puts pressure on her to make the explosion happen and a famous rapper comes into town. Two people that are strongly attracted to each other; but on opposite sides, an ambitious director, and a trouble-making rapper turned actor that blows into town, what could possibly go wrong?

About the discussion:

June’s BookLite had a total of twenty-one people that attended. Twenty people enjoyed reading the book while 1 person did not care for it. Some comments were that this was an excellent summer read. Beach town is a perfect book for the summertime. It is not too heavy and would make a great beach read.

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