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I Know Who You Are by Alice Feeney

Riding (I’m sure) the rave reviews from her first novel Sometimes I Lie, author Alice Feeney has another winner with I Know Who You Are. Short chapters just like in her first novel (á la James Patterson which I personally love), as well as the big reveal at the end, (which I also love), and lots of back and forth in-between. You know – “Aha, got it” then “No, it can’t be”.

 This time, the main character is a child who goes through a horrific trauma only to come out of it relatively unscathed. Or does she?

 My only problem with the novel is the same beat-it-to-death woman in peril caused by the people she loves and trusts storyline that is so popular right now. Beginning way back with Gone Girl, haven’t we covered this enough? Still, if you can’t get enough of this genre then at least this is a really good one that I feel confident saying that you probably won’t be able to guess the ending.

 I cannot say much more or all we be spoiled.




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