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The White Darkness by David Grann

White DarknessFrom the author of “Killers of the Flower Moon” comes a story of determination, exploration, love and loss on Earth’s most unforgiving continent:  Antarctica.  In “The White Darkness,” author David Grann follows the efforts of modern day explorer Henry Worsley as he seeks to recreate the historic expeditions of polar explorer Ernest Shackleton.

Though, perhaps, a lesser known part of modern history, the story of Worsley’s expeditions is still well worth the read.  His story relates to the reader not only the trials and tribulations experienced by the early polar explorers, but also the drive to achieve the impossible, and the challenge of knowing when to quit.

Grann’s book is short and approachable, and the story is very well written and easy to follow.  I found the length of the book to be very appealing, but ended up sticking around on account of the story.  Grann leaves the reader not only with an appreciation for the difficulties experienced by those who venture into the unknown, but also with a sense of the strain it places on the families they leave behind.

This book almost escaped my notice, but, much like Grann’s other books, this one is well worth the read.  Even if you’re unfamiliar with the story of Henry Worsley , you’re still likely to take something away from this book. Whether you’re a frequent armchair traveler, or just looking for a quick read in between books, this book earns a solid recommendation!

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