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The Rumor: a Novel by Lesley Kara

“Trying to squash a rumor is like trying to unring a bell.”     Shana Alexander, American journalist

 That about sums up the storyline from Kara Lesley’s debut, The Rumor: a Novel. If you’ve ever stood outside of a schoolyard waiting for a child, you know what goes on there. It is the information highway. It is every bit of dish & dirt you can conceive of. But is it true? Most of the time this talk is relatively harmless, but what if it isn’t? Joanna Critchley has just moved back to the seaside town she grew up in. A single mother, it is important that she and her son fit in right away. So when she hears a rumor regarding the murder of a child that took place many years ago, she passes it on at her book club. She has no idea what ramifications this slip of her tongue will bring not only herself but to her young son and mother. And everyone else caught up in the rumor’s viciousness.

Without being preachy, debut author Lesley Kara clearly shows the high price you pay when you embellish/hide/lie. A great read for anyone that likes gossip. (And who doesn’t?)


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