Karen / Mainstream Fiction / Psychological / Suspense/Thriller

The Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth

Talk about the unexpected! The Mother-in-Law is one of those novels that with every chapter, you never know what is about to happen. Told in dual narratives between mother-in-law Diana and her daughter-in-law Lucy, as well as dual timelines, you can never tell what the next page will bring.

The novel starts off with a mystery almost immediately when a police car pulls up at Lucy’s house. Never a good thing. And of course someone is dead. You know who and the how and the when right away, but the strength of this author’s writing comes in the why. Going back through time, little by little, the cast of characters gets a once over by the reader so you can start trying to figure it all out. Could Lucy really have done it? What about the other family members? What about associates? And all those helpless people that are being taken care of by this family? Is one of them a murderer?

I love novels where I have my suspicions but am usually proven wrong, and this novel was no exception. I have read one other novel by Sally Hepworth, The Family Next Door, and enjoyed it almost as much as this one.

I highly recommend both.


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