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Leave Me Breathless by Jodi Ellen Malpas

51A2rLol8mL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_Confession time. I have read just about every book Jodi Ellen Malpas has written and I have not really loved a single one. I have no idea why I keep reading them, but every time she publishes a new one, I’m first in line. That being said, her book The Protector was my favorite one she has written, so when I found out Leave Me Breathless was a standalone, spin off of that I was optimistic.

Unfortunately, once again my hopes were too high. Ryan, newly retired body guard, heads back home to Hampton to spend some time with his daughter and relax. There he runs into (like literally runs into, he hits her with his truck) Hannah who has just moved to town and set up an art shop. The connection is instantaneous and unlike anything either has felt before. The only problem is Hannah’s not planning on staying since she’s running from something…or someone.

The story starts out pretty well, but over the course of the book it stopped being interesting. The characters are likeable enough, but pretty plain and there’s not much exciting about their relationship. I was hoping for a big twist to save the day, but unfortunately nothing particularly exciting ever happened.

I tell myself now, that I won’t read the next one, but I know when it comes out I will cave and read it.


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Into the Fire by Kat Martin

Till Death by Jennifer L Armentrout




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