Literary Fiction / Mystery / Science Fiction / Sonya

The Dreamers by Karen Thompson-Walker

This fascinating and inventive novel is the second book by Karen Thompson Walker following her 2012 debut, The Age of Miracles. The Dreamers takes place in Southern California. The book follows several individuals who are living through an epidemic of a strange, new illness. The sickness starts in a college dorm when one freshman goes to … Continue reading

Fiction / John / Mystery / Suspense/Thriller

Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly’s novel Two Kinds of Truth finds former Los Angeles Police Department detective Harry Bosch going into deep cover for one case and defending himself in an old case the LAPD’s Conviction Integrity Unit decides to re-examine. That case involves a murder that Bosch investigated 30 years ago. The Conviction Integrity Unit has found … Continue reading