Fiction / Henry / Science Fiction / Steampunk

Mechanique by Genevieve Valentine

MechaniqueWritten in a similar thread as “The Night Circus”, “Mechanique” follows the travels of a mysterious, semi-magical circus as it journeys through a now war torn country.  Though the writing style of “Mechanique” takes some getting used to, once you’ve picked up on the pattern of the novel, I actually found the book to be quite a quick read.  Valentine intertwines the tales of past and present in such a way that connects you to the characters and ultimately leaves you wanting more.  By the end of the book, I found myself very invested in the character’s stories, as well as the ultimate fate that would befall this magical circus.

“Mechanique” was definitely a surprise to me.  The theme and writing style of this book was much different than I had expected, but I did ultimately wind up enjoying the story.  If you’re up for something a little bit different, I’d definitely give “Mechanique” a try!

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